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Sound of Music: Horse Fountain
Featured in the I have Confidence sequence. Maria splashes the water at the marble horse on her way to the Von Trapps.
Twin statues outside Mirabell Gardens
Sound of Music: Location Guide
We have put together a guide that takes you around the Sound of Music locations in the City. Go on, its free!
Mozartsteg bridge over the Salzach river with fortress and towers of Salzburg Cathedral
Sound of Music: Mozartsteg
The bridge over the River Salzach is used when the children leave the city on their way to the picnic in the mountains.
Sign Advertising Concert in Mirabell
Salzburg Regular Concerts
Details of the Regular Concerts and Dinners held in Salzburg through the Year.
Salzburg Fortress
If you have a full day in Salzburg …
With a full day at your disposal what should you do to make the most of your time? Here pick out some of the best choices so you can take
St Gilgen with Wolfsgangsee in the background
A Day Out in the Salzkammergut
A great day trip from Salzburg is the Salzkammergut. A land of lakes, mountains and pretty villages.
View of Salzburg in the Rain
Salzburg: What to Do if its Raining
It can rain in Salzburg - heres what you can do.
Salzburg in the snow
Salzburg: What to Do if its Snowing
Winter in Salzburg can be magical. Some suggestions of what to do.
View of Salzburg Fortress from Kapitelplatz with Sphaera in the foreground
Sound of Music: Kapitalplatz
Used in the I have Confidence sequence. Maria leaves the Abbey and catches the bus to go to the Von Trapps.
View of the Old City of Salzburg from the banks of the River Salzach
Salzburg Main Sights
We have included a location map for all of the Main Sights in Salzburg. See for yourself at your own pace. Enjoy your day.
Travel Information
Important information about visiting and travelling in Austria. What to do in an emergency, driving and more.
St Gilgen with Wolfsgangsee in the background
Salzburg Lake District
The Salzkammergut. The land of Mountains, Lakes and wonderful towns like St Wolfgang and Halstatt.
Salzburg Weather
The weather in Salzburg is notorious for its unpredictability. Here we give you a month by month view of what to expect and what to wear.
People in traditional dress around table for Folk Singing
Salzburg: Events Calender
Here you will find all the major concerts and other things to do in the City.
Mirabell Gardens with Do Re Me steps
Sound of Music Location: Mirabell
Learning to Sing: The famous Do-Re-Me steps where Maria and the children sing. Also here are the staues and the tunnel through which they ran.
Sound of Music: Museum Der Moderne Terrace
Learning to sing: Following on from the picnic in the mountains, Maria teaches the children to sing with the city as the backdrop.
Sound of Music Tour: The Horse Pond
Sound of Music: Horse Pond
I Have Confidence sequence. Maria sings on her way from the Abbey to meet the family.
Inside the Rock Riding School
Sound of Music: Rock Riding School
The venue for the Salzburg Festival. The Family sing So Long So Well just before they escape over the mountains.
Gravestones and Family Vaults in Salzburg Cemetery
Sound of Music: St Peter’s Cemetery
Hiding from the Germans. Although in the film the cemetery was in the Abbey, the inspiration was this cemetery in the city.
Salzburg: The Krampus
At certain times of the year you will encounter monsters roaming the street. Don't worry, they are not real. Here's the story.
Outside of Nonnberg Abbey
Sound of Music: Nonnberg Abbey
The Abbey where Maria was a postulate in real life. Used where the children try to persuade Maria to return and other scenes.
Salzburg: Residenzplatz with Horse Fountain and Neue Residenz
Salzburg Residenzplatz
The large square in front of the Dom. At the centre is the Horse Fountain and is flanked by the Residenz Palace and the Neue Residenz.
Neue Residenz Museum in Salzburg
Salzburg Museum
Located in the Neue Residenz bordering Residenzplatz. Towering above is the famous Carillon. Permanent and temporary exhibitions .
View of Fortress from Monchberg
Salzburg Fortress
Dominating the Old Town it is one of the best preserved medieval castles in Europe. Fantastic views of both the city and the mountains.
Inside the Fortress with Towers and Medievel buildings
Salzburg: Fortress Museums
Dominating the Old Town it is one of the best preserved medieval castles in Europe. Fantastic views of both the city and the mountains.
Rupertinum Museum in Salzburg
Salzburg Museums: Rupertinum
Based in the centre of the old town iit is the setting primarily for graphic art and photography. Also home to the Generali Foundation Study Centre
Toy Museum in Salzburg
Salzburg Museums: Toy Museum
Famous for its collection of antique toys. Younger visitors are encouraged to become actively involved.
Haus Der Natur Museum in Salzburg
Salzburg Museums: Haus Der Natur
Salzburg’s most popular museum presents nature at its most exciting. Something for everybody.
Georg Trakl Memorial Site in Salzburg
Salzburg Museums: Georg Trakl Memorial Site
The memorial site and research centre is based in Georg Trakl's birthplace in Salzburg.
Stiegl Brauwelt Brewery Museum in Salzburg
Salzburg Museums: Stiegl Brauwelt
Visit the Stiegl Brewery and see how beer has been brewed for over 500 years! Also restaurant and bar.
Statue and fountains in the precincts of St Peters Abbey
Salzburg Museums: Michael Haydn
A small and cosy museum celebrating the music of Michael Haydn. Limited opening times.
Stefan Zweig Museum in Salzburg
Salzburg Museums: Stefan Zweig Centre
The Stefan Zweig Centre is a small museum housed in the impressive Edmundsburg. It concentrates on Stefans life and work.
Hanger Seven Red Bull Museum in Salzburg
Salzburg Museums: Hanger 7
This unique building at Salzburg Airport houses the Red Bull collection of planes, cars and racing bikes.
Horsepond in Kapitelplatz with Fortress in background.
Salzburg Kapitelplatz
The large square behind the Cathedral with an amazing view of the Fortress. In front of the fortress is the impressive Horse Pond.
Fountain in Mirabell Gardens with Mirabell palace in the background
Salzburg Mirabell Gardens
The beautiful Mirabell Gardens featured in the Sound of Music, the garden is free and a joy to walk around.
Salzburg St Peters Abbey and Cemetery
Visit the beautiful abbey church of St Peters and the tranquility of the cemetery in front of the rock face of the Monschberg.
View from Museum Der Moderne Museum in the Snow
Salzburg Museum Der Moderne
Worth a visit just for the best view of Salzburg from the terrace in front. Use the Monschberg Lift.
Mozart Residence in Salzburg
Salzburg Mozart Residence
The house where Mozart lived after moving from Getreidegasse. The museum has his forte-piano and many original documents.
Mozarts Birth Place Museum
Salzburg Mozart Birthplace
No 9 Getreidegasse is the Mozart Birthplace Museum and is where he was born in 1756. One of the most visited museums in Austria.
Salzburg Getreidegasse
Getreidegasse is the main shopping street with traditional clothes and designer shops in 12th century houses that seem to go back for ever!
Sound of Music Tour: The Horse Pond
Salzburg Horse Pond
Dating from 1693 it is where they washed the parade horses belong to the Archbishops. Also a location for the Sound of Music.
Salzburg Cathedral Museum in Salzburg
Salzburg Cathedral
Salzburg Cathedral (Dom) is a beautiful Baroque building. Inside youe will find the baptisimal font where Mozart was baptised.
Alter Markt in Salzburg with Cafe Tomaselli
Salzburg Alter Markt
Lovely square bordered by Medievel town houses. Here you will find Cafe Tomaselli, Konditorei Furst and the smallest house in Salzburg.