Why Visit the Stefan Zweig Centre?

See the papers and images from the life of Stefan Zweig.

Author Stefan Zweig lived in Salzburg for fifteen years. From 1919 to 1934, he resided in a small stately home on the Kapuzinerberg, known as the “Paschinger Schlössl”. It was in Salzburg that Zweig wrote a number of his most successful works, including “Decisive Moments in History”, prose collections “Amok” and “Confusion of Feelings”, the biographies of Joseph Fouché and Maria Antoinette as well as plays and essays.

With Salzburg as his base, Stefan Zweig traveled across Europe. He was a driving force behind international publishing and magazine projects and, in collaboration with his friends throughout Europe, authored petitions urging European understanding.

An exhibition of images and documents portrays Stefan Zweig’s life and works. His phases of life, his books as well as the encounters with his friends and colleagues are presented in five chapters. The posters are also available in English.

Based in the Edmundsburg building that dates to the 17th Century, it is the home to an exhibition that focuses on the Austrian author’s life and work.

Opening Times:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 2 pm-4 pm
Closed: Jan. 6, Dec. 24-3.


Adults € 4.00
Pupils and students: € 2.00

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