The Horse Fountain was used in the “I Have Confidence” sequence when Maria was on her way to the Von Trapp’s house. Set in the middle of Residenzplatz it is surrounded by the Residenz Museum, the Cathedral and the New Residenz.

A Bit of History

Built between 1656 and 1661 by Tomasso di Garona and is made of marble. It is considered to be the largest baroque fountain in Central Europe.

Also in Residenzplatz you will see the Cathedral (“Dom”), the Residenz and the Neue Residenz with it’s Carillon tower.

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The final Sound of Music location is the bridge over the River Salzach. This was used in the sequence where Maria takes the children on a picnic.

From the Horse Fountain make your way past the New Residenz Museum and the statue of Mozart. Turn left towards the River and the bridge is in front of you. There are lovely views from the Bridge and you will see the Kapuziner Monestary that was also featured briefly in the film.

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