The next site on the Sound of Music Location Tour is a moderate uphill walk from Kapitalplatz. The less able may decide to miss this from the itinerary. However, the views of Salzburg and the surrounding mountains are worth the effort. Although filming was not allowed in the Abbey you can see the main gate used in the film. This was also used in the scene where the children came to see Maria to ask her to come back.

A Bit of History

The existing Abbey dates from 1464 but is built on the foundations of a much older church. You can go inside and see the Abbey Church and the small garden.

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We will now return to the centre of the Old Town and visit the horse fountain. This features in the Sound of Music as part of the “I Have Confidence” sequence.

From the Abbey go back the way you came until you see a big flight of steps descending into the town. Go down the steps and follow the road ahead towards the Cathedral. After you have gone around the bend in the road you will see a road on the left called Kapitelgasse. Walk down this road towards the Cathedral and back into Kapitelplatz.

You will recognise this square from the “I Have Confidence” in the Sound of Music sequence except now it is traffic free!

To the left of the Cathedral (Dom) you will see the arches that lead past the front of the Cathedral and into Residenzplatz. Here you will find the Horse Fountain.

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