The Rock Riding School is incorporated into the Haus Fur Mozart concert halls and unfortunately is not visible from the road. However you can see the entrance to it around the corner beneath the stone steps. The little square in front of the entrance was used for the scene where Lisl is spurned by Rolf after he had joined the Hitler Youth.

A guided tour of the concert halls is available to see this stunning venue.  Tickets are available from the Shop at the front of the Haus Fur Mozart, This have to be bought on the day and are available at 2pm

A Bit of History

Archbishop Johan Ernst von Thun built the Rock Riding School in 1693. It is actually in the quarry used to provide the conglomerate rock for the new Salzburg Cathedral. It was used as the Archbishop’s summer riding school with the audience in the 96 arcade spaces. Since 1926 it has been used for performances of the Salzburger Festspiele with the audience arcades providing a dramatic backdrop.

Next Location

The next location on the Sound of Music Tour is through the arch opposite the Rock Riding School. This takes you into the precincts of St Peter’s Monastery. Go through the second arch and you will see St Peter’s Church with its massive tower. Go through the passage way to the right of the chuch. This leads into the Cemetery.

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